We believe in cultivating talents that will lead towards following one’s dreams. We believe that talents can be best developed through a spiritual foundation, character building opportunities and professional experiences. Artist Development is the process any musician goes through to develop the skills necessary to build a professional career in the industry. This means everything from voice, songwriting, playwriting, image and branding, music and video production, live performance, marketing and social media. Building these skills will enhance our theatre productions, films and concerts. We support our performing artists in their quest for personal betterment to enhance their creativity, communication skills and human connection.

Performers have to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and good listeners. They also must be willing to serve and “pass it forward”. We want to work with mentors and community leaders to nurture and cultivate the dreams of our youth by providing professional experiences. They will understand the creative process of preparation, insight, evaluation and value discipline in their life experiences as steps to success. We will offer opportunities for artist development. As we see the development of the artist, we witness the essence of the human spirit. Each artist who reaches self-actualization will brings us one step closer to a better world where we reach out to humanity with love.