Board of Directors

Kathleen Kristy Brooks

Dr. Kathleen Kristy Brooks is the founder of Love Outreach Inc and serves its president. Dr. Brooks has an extensive resume which includes higher education and working within the performing arts as an entertainer and educator. She holds multiple degrees from Michigan State and Columbia University where she earned an Ed.D. in education. As "Kristy Love Brooks," Kristy performed for over a decade on the famous Las Vegas Strip as a member of the 50's Doo-Wop group, The Platters. Her passion for the preforming arts led her back into the classroom as a professor at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. Dr. Brooks is driven by her desire to enhance the well-being of humanity with the inherent gifts of the heart, and envisions Love Outreach Inc as a vehicle to “pass it forward” through the preforming arts expressions of love, allowing the human spirit to be uplifted.

Nancy Jean Gray
Board Treasurer

Nancy Jean Gray holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where she majored in theatre arts. Ms. Gray is the recipient of awards bestowed by the United States Congress for her bicentennial performances of Mother Goose (her a one-woman show) aboard the Navy's USS Constitution. Nancy has taught theatre and puppetry courses and created many educational variety shows for schools in Nevada, California, Texas and Florida. Her involvement with the Hollywood Arts Council’s Project S.O.A.R. (an after-school and in-class arts program serving children in Hollywood’s public elementary schools) remains dear to her heart. Nancy is an active award-winning professional entertainer and has been a performing member of the Magic Castle since 1999. Her role within Love Outreach Inc stems from a desire to serve.

LaToria Kern

LaToria Kern founded and serves as executive director of Family Arts @ WHALER’s Creation’s, a non-profit organization that educates communities about the vast number of children in need of foster or adopted parents. Family Arts @ WHALER’s Creation’s also acts as mentor while providing youth job training in the performing arts. Ms. Kern holds a Master's of Arts Management and a Bachelor's of Fine Arts (media and theatre). Her passion for the performing arts is family-based and took root in her childhood when she witnessed her father working as a promoter for major gospel shows. As an undergraduate student, LaToria began a career in radio and later became the owner of KFAM Youth Radio.

Monique McCoy

Monique McCoy's passion for the performing arts stems from being a student of voice and performing as a vocalist. Her connection to the performing arts inspires her creativity and passion for healthy living. "Monique’s Healthy Lifestyle" blog and product lines focus on healthy living. Monique views the performing arts and herbs as gifts from God to support our physical and spiritual well-being. Her interest in alternative and holistic healing started when she was a young girl by being exposed to her grandparents home remedies. Monique is a herbalist, she studied at the Flynn School of Herbology in New York City and continued her education at the Clayton College of Natural Health.